Everything is design

From Print to Web

Hi, I'm Krizia! designer & front-end web developer. Transitioning from print to web has helped me practice good design thinking - where users come first in the process of design. With some solid UX skills and knack for front-end web development, my goal is to build products that users love.

World Clock

UX/UI design for a mobile app, a reimagined world clock.

Empathy Jam

One day UX hackathon that focuses on NYC Public Parks


Consider using fonts that match! Check out this guide to combining fonts.

To-do list

Strike off your to-do's with a handy checklist, post-it style

Weather App

Celsius confused? Convert C into F. Go wild and find if it's hot or cold

Left Shark

If Left Shark had a resume

Mobile first

First site I've created from web circuits class.